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Will disgraced Shell boss Sir Philip Watts be stripped of his knighthood?


“Having read that the former RBS-CEO, Fred Goodwin, has been stripped of his knighthood by UK authorities. Makes you wonder if and when Sir Phil Watts will stripped of his one. No doubt Phil’s selfish behaviour at the helm of Shell did more harm to the industry and private investors than Fred.”


Memos expose Shell’s years of lying

EXTRACT: The correspondence between Mr Watts and Mr Van de Vijver began in June 2001 when Mr Van de Vijver took over as head of exploration and production. He was promoted after Sir Philip was made chief executive partly because of his success with reserves. The two engaged in a “pointed dialogue”, with Mr van de Vijver complaining Shell had overbooked reserves throughout the 1990s.

‘It happened on my watch. I am determined to fix it’ read more

Shell Seen Raising Dividend for First Time Since 2009: Energy

Shell may even go as far as paying a special dividend or buying back shares to maximize shareholder value, according to analysts at Citigroup Inc.

Oil bargaining heads toward wire

Hamilton said the industry, represented by Shell Oil Co., also hasn’t budged on health and safety provisions the union wants in its new three-year contract.

By Dan Wallach, [email protected] (409) 838-2876

Published 02:46 p.m., Monday, January 30, 2012

The national oil contract bargaining is heading toward a midnight Tuesday deadline, but the two sides seem far apart on pay and safety rules, a local union member said today.

Eric Hamilton, chairman of the workmen’s committee at the Motiva Enterprises Port Arthur refinery, said the industry side to date has offered a pay increase of between 1.5 percent and 2 percent a year. read more

Call for Norwegian Government Pension Fund disinvestment in Shell

An eminent group of scientists and professionals have sent a collective communication to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund recommending disinvestment in the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell on ethical grounds.

By John Donovan

An eminent group of scientists and professionals have sent a collective communication to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund recommending disinvestment in the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell on ethical grounds.

The pension fund has already dis-invested in several mining and forestry companies “known to cause severe environmental and human rights related harm in their operations.”

If the campaign is successful, which focuses on Shell’s horrendous track record in Nigeria, Royal Dutch Shell would be the first oil and gas company the fund would exclude from its portfolio.
read more

Sakhalin-2 News

Gazprom Expansion of Sakhalin-2 LNG Plant May Cost $7 Billion

January 30, 2012, 5:20 AM EST

By Jake Rudnitsky

Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) — OAO Gazprom and its partners in the Sakhalin-2 project may decide on expanding their liquefied natural gas plant this year, to add supplies by 2018, said Andrey Galaev, the venture’s chief executive officer.

An expansion may cost $5 billion to $7 billion based on preliminary estimates, Galaev told reporters today in Moscow. Depending on changes in oil and gas prices, the construction cost may drop as low as $3 billion or climb as high as $8 billion, he said. read more

Weaning Royal Dutch Shell off Iranian Oil

By John Donovan

Royal Dutch Shell CEO Peter Voser is reluctantly considering how best to wean Shell off the supply of blood tainted Iranian oil. Shell is one of the biggest consumers of Iranian oil – see article below.

The relationship between Shell and Iran has continued unabated for many years, while the fanatical Iranian regime has been busy using the funds generated to supply roadside bombs to kill and maim Nato soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and fund its Nuclear Bomb program. The oil revenue is crucial to Iran. Hence the sanctions and sanctions busting by Shell.

Trying to avoid the odium of its association with the mad mullahs, Shell resorted to subterfuge to disguise its shipments of Iranian crude. read more

Story linking Shell with Jewish skin lamp shades is gutter press


I am afraid that there clearly is very little news (i.e. aspects of Shell’s work) for the Donovan’s to rant on about recently. A great deal is re-printed as though it’s new but is merely old stories and anti-Shell propoganda that is old history. Yes, we learn from history but we don’t have to regurgitate it repeatedly. The lead story today linking Shell with Jewish skin lamp shades is really gutter press and totally deplorable nonsense from the Donovan’s. read more

Nigeria to Ask for Compensation From Shell on Bonga Spill

By Vincent Nwanma – Jan 29, 2012 10:36 PM GMT

Jan. 29 (Bloomberg)– Nigeria will “soon” ask for compensation for an oil spill from Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA), Europe’s largest oil company, President Goodluck Jonathan said.

A spill last month from the 200,000 barrel-a-day Bonga field off Nigeria, which produces nearly 10 percent of Nigeria’s crude, led Shell to stop production from the facility, the company said on Dec. 21. The export line at Bonga leaked almost 40,000 barrels of crude during a tanker loading, according to Shell estimates, making it Nigeria’s worst offshore spill in more than a decade. read more

Shell’s profits surge 175 per cent to $27.3 billion

Sunday Express

Sunday 29 Jan 2012

By Tracey Boles

ROYAL Dutch Shell is set to gush full-year profits of $27.3 billion (£17.4 billion) for 2011, a 175 per cent increase in a year.

The expected surge in earnings comes despite fourth-quarter profits hurt by lower demand because of the warm winter weather.

The results, buoyed by the high cost of crude oil last year, represent a spectacular return to form for the oil giant which reported disappointing full-year profits for 2010 of $9.8 billion (£6.3 billion).
read more

Profits at Shell set to anger drivers

Published on Sunday 29 January 2012 00:00

HIGHER annual and quarterly profits from oil heavyweight Royal Dutch Shell are this week expected to ignite the fury of hard-pressed drivers who continue to face near record prices at the petrol pump.

But the figures are likely to spell good news for investors as analysts raise the prospect that Shell, which boasts one of the largest dividends on the FTSE, may recommend an increase in the pay-out.

Although both full-year and quarterly numbers will be released, the City will focus on profits for the last three months of 2011, which are expected to be about 20 per cent higher compared to the same period in 2010. read more

Analyst: Nova Scotia offshore just one of Shell’s interests

January 29, 2012 – 4:35am By JOANN ALBERSTAT Business Reporter

Shell’s renewed interest in offshore Nova Scotia is part of a plan to expand its exploration efforts globally, an industry analyst says.

Mark Gilman, an oil and gas analyst with the Benchmark Co., said the petroleum giant has been on a lease-buying spree over the last year or two after previous projects failed to produce results.

“One might call it an accelerated upstream reinvestment drive after a period in which their upstream results had delivered somewhat less than they might have hoped,” he said in an interview earlier this week from New York. read more

Union says U.S. refinery workers strike more likely

By Erwin Seba

HOUSTON | Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:16pm EST

(Reuters) – The United Steelworkers union warned on Saturday that a strike by U.S. refinery workers as early as 12 a.m. Wednesday was becoming more likely due to “the lack of a more substantive response from the industry.”

Union and oil company negotiators have been meeting since January 17 to hammer out a new three-year agreement for workers at nearly two-thirds of U.S. refining capacity.

Union negotiators have not sent out a similar warning to refinery workers in the past three rounds of contract talks with the industry. read more

When will Royal Dutch Shell apologize to the Jews?

The Sun newspaper published an article horrifically confirming, following a DNA test, that a lampshade bought at a New Orleans car boot sale is made from human skin. A gruesome relic from Nazi crimes against humanity in the 2nd World War. As the main financier of the Nazis, does Royal Dutch Shell bear any moral (or legal) responsibility for the crimes of Hitler and his equally evil henchmen?

By John Donovan

Yesterday, after 70 years, Norway apologized for the deportation of 773 Jews from Nazi occupied Norway during World War 2.  The majority were shipped to concentration camps and only 34 survived. See news report below.

Royal Dutch Shell has much more to apologize for about its Nazi past.

Shell and its Nazi leader Sir Henri Deterding, conspired directly with Hitler, financed Nazi Germany, was anti-Semitic and sold out its own Dutch Jewish employees to the Nazis.

In March 2011, the chief corporate lawyer at Royal Dutch Shell threatened us with legal proceedings in relationship to this sensitive subject.  We are still waiting for Shell to take any action. read more

Oil industry sees China winning, West losing from Iran sanctions

Peter Voser, chief executive at Royal Dutch Shell, said his company might take some time before suspending purchases…

By Dmitry Zhdannikov

DAVOS, Switzerland | Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:33am EST

(Reuters) – As the European Union prepares to ban Iranian oil and the United States turns the screw on payments, oil executives and policymakers say China and Russia stand to gain the most and Western oil firms and consumers may emerge the biggest losers.

Iran will continue to sell much the same volume of oil – 2.6 million barrels per day or around 3 percent of world supply – but almost all of it will flow to China, they reason. And being pretty much Iran’s only remaining customer, Beijing will be able to negotiate a much reduced price. read more

Shell arch-critic emailed over 400 Royal Dutch Shell senior execs

In a front page lead story in the Financial Times, our site was properly credited with breaking news of the restructuring plans of Peter Voser.



I am writing to offer our best wishes on your appointment/new title, as announced on our website within the lists of Shell senior executive appointments we published on 22 June and 3 August.

The unauthorised publication of leaked Shell confidential information on our site has become a news event in its own right, regularly reported by The Wall Street Journal and other news organisations. read more

Royal Dutch Shell Another Enron?

Shell is very different from Enron. We were criticized for that some time ago and I’m glad we have a absolutely rock-solid way we do business. And, if you read our annual report, you read our footnotes and all the details, everything is in there. It’s all completely transparent, as far as Shell is concerned.

Sir Philip Watts, Group Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell Group

By John Donovan

During a Bloomberg interview in 2002, with the then Group Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, Sir Philip Watts, reference was made to the core Royal Dutch Shell business principle of complete transparency.

The following is an extract from his exchange with Guy Collins of Bloomberg on 8 February 2002: –

COLLINS: I want to ask you about Enron and any parallels there. Do you have any off balance sheet liabilities? Do you have trigger mechanisms in place that make you vulnerable to changes in the share price or credit ratings? read more

Sir Bill’s treatment at Cairn will make every board quake

The giant oil field sold for a song by Shell… it sold its 50% share to Cairn for $7.5 million, now worth billions…

James Ashton 24 Jan 2012

The momentum gained by the Government’s war on executive pay meant it was bound to claim some victims. The only surprise is that Sir Bill Gammell has become its first. As the chief executive of Cairn Energy, he was a stock market darling. The success he enjoyed after buying an unwanted Indian exploration site from Royal Dutch Shell has passed into oil industry folklore.

Cairn, which now has a market value of £4 billion, can thank the £4.5 million acquisition of an Indian exploration site for its good fortune. Sir Bill, a former Scottish rugby international, saw potential there after the big boys had given up trying. A similar spirit has given it the confidence to hunt for oil in far-flung corners of the world such as Greenland. read more

Brunei Inks Production, Investment Pact With Royal Dutch Shell

The fruits of a $500,000 Brunei dollar wedding gift (bribe) given by Shell to the corrupt Brunei Royal Family…?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 06:44
Borneo Bulletin

The Hague, Netherlands – The Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and Royal Dutch Shell Ltd (RDS) as the shareholders of Brunei Shell Petroleum Co Sdn Bhd (BSP) signed the production and investment agreement on Jan 23, 2012 at RDS headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands.

Signing on behalf of the Brunei Government was the Minister of Energy at the Prime Minister’s Office, Pehin Datu Singamanteri Col (Rtd) Dato Seri Setia (Dr) Awg Hj Mohammad Yasmin bin Hj Umar, and for Royal Dutch Shell, Dato Seri Laila Jasa Peter Voser, Chief Executive Officer and Ken Mamoch, BSP Managing Director. The agreement set out between the Brunei Government and Shell focuses on the mechanisms to support, sustain and increase the production of oil and gas by BSP. read more

Dutch Court Throws Lifeline for Non-US Class Action Lawsuits

The court was used once before in a similar case launched in 2007 against Royal Dutch Shell, when investors resolved their claims for €316 million with the oil giant.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 7:22:02 AM
Pension, endowment funds, and other international shareholders have a new avenue of enquiry to seek damages of alleged corporate fraud thanks to a European court decision.

(January 25, 2012)  —  The first class action lawsuit settlement to be approved for shareholders based outside the United States, since the Supreme Court tightened rules about international investors seeking redress through its legal system in 2010, has thrown a lifeline to asset owners suspicious of corporate fraud.

A case brought by international pension schemes, endowments and other large investors against Swiss reinsurer Converium Holding (now Scor Holding (Switzerland)), was settled out of court with damages of over $58 million being approved for distribution by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal last week. read more

Oil Grab in Falkland Islands Seen Tripling U.K. Reserves: Energy

The world’s largest oil companies like Exxon Mobil Corp. and Royal Dutch Shell Plc face a dilemma: whether the potential of a virgin basin outweighs the risk of a worsening international dispute.

January 25, 2012, 7:20 AM EST

By Brian Swint

Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) — Thirty years after Margaret Thatcher fought a 74-day war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands, the prospect of an oil boom is reviving tensions.

Oil explorers are targeting 8.3 billion barrels in the waters around the islands this year, three times the U.K.’s reserves. Borders & Southern Petroleum Plc will drill the Stebbing prospect next month, one of three Falkland wells that Morgan Stanley ranks among the world’s top 15 offshore prospects this year. Meanwhile, Rockhopper Exploration Plc is seeking $2 billion from a larger oil company to develop the Sea Lion field, the islands’ first economically viable oil find. read more

Fatally flawed Vax V027 Rapide XL Upright Carpet Cleaner

By John Donovan

My low mileage Vax Rapide XL upright carpet washer has come to the end of its life, not because any working part is broken or worn out, but due solely to the fact that it has a fatal design fault.

The machine is far too heavy for the handle at the top of the machine.

The photograph below shows that the handle in question is completely broken in one place and badly fractured at the top.

I contacted Vax customer service, but was fobbed off on the basis that: –

  • The machine is beyond its one year warranty.
  • For health & safety reasons, Vax will not directly supply a replacement Handle assembly. For some reason Vax has not revealed the cost of the new handle assembly.
  • Because it is over 5 years old, Vax will not carry out an in-house repair and instead, suggests that I find an independent repairer. I have pointed out that the costs involved are likely to make it an uneconomic proposition, even if I do manage to find anyone willing to it.

So it appears that the machine is destined for the skip, even though there is nothing wrong with it, apart from the broken handle, which was never fit for purpose. The machine has always felt miles too heavy – a negative factor featuring prominently in user reviews. read more

Davos Delegates Say EU Needs to Show Resolve as Split Over Greece Persists

“We can’t wait too long,” said Peter Voser, chief executive officer of Royal Dutch/Shell Plc. “It’s two minutes before midnight.”

By Simon Kennedy and Simone Meier – Jan 25, 2012 12:52 PM GMT

Europe must show more resolve to fix the debt crisis as officials race to draft rules governing the euro and bridge widening difference over how to keep Greece’s finances afloat, said delegates at the World Economic Forum.

“We can’t wait too long,” said Peter Voser, chief executive officer of Royal Dutch/Shell Plc. “It’s two minutes before midnight.”

Executives and officials are meeting in Davos, Switzerland as bond markets show signs of stabilizing after the European Central Bank last month pumped three-year emergency funding into a banking system that was in danger of seizing up. At the same time, governments, investors and the International Monetary Fund are split on how to restructure Greek debt less than two months before a potential default. read more

Spaced out at Royal Dutch Shell

”SPACE, VISION AND STRATEGY”: Sir Philip Watts, disgraced Shell Group Chairman who once donned a space suit at a meeting in Maastricht, Netherlands, in 1998 to pump up his troops. Subsequently a defendant in various US class action law suits arising from his role in reserves fraud ,which cost Shell shareholders almost $1 billion in lawsuits and fines. Sir Philip was rewarded with a reported $18 million pension pot/settlement for destroying Shell’s reputation.

Spaced out means to be confused or distracted…


During the Mark Moody-Stuart tenure as Group Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, someone had the brainwave of setting up “hydrocarbon value creation teams”.

The foundations for the reserves scandal were laid.

The company had got (with the explicit knowledge of the top brass) into the hands of people who were only motivated by personal rewards, and who smelled their chance. None of that ‘Enterprise First’ stuff. It was ‘Me first’ and all the snouts were in the trough and nobody wanted to take their snout out of the trough. Anyone complaining or making remarks that things were not right was publicly destroyed and removed. And those with their snouts in the trough started to make promises and ever more ridiculous demands. Explicit instructions to cook the books or ‘err on the high side’ were hardly given in written form or were at least well disguised. It was said and whispered in meetings, conferences and workshops and personal discussions during the annual staff evaluation time. There were clear instructions to aim for the impossible with those stretched targets and anyone who said he could go even further or higher was handsomely rewarded with promotions or fat bonuses. Brinded was a real champion of this, he was #2 and later MD in Shell Expro and I believe they missed their business targets for 7 years in a row under his reign! read more

Ban stops Europe majors trading Iran oil globally

Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:51pm GMT

* Total, Shell big buyers of Iranian oil

* Firms could declare force majeure in July-lawyer

* Switzerland might stall on EU sanctions

By Emma Farge

ZURICH/BRUSSELS, Jan 24 (Reuters) – The EU is banning not only imports of Iranian oil but also crude purchased by European companies, including Total and Royal Dutch Shell, for sale to non-EU destinations, lawyers and officials familiar with the terms of the sanctions told Reuters.

The European Union on Monday embargoed imports of oil from Iran and imposed a number of other economic sanctions, joining the United States in a new round of measures aimed at slowing Tehran’s nuclear development programme. read more

MOSOP may permit oil exploration in Ogoniland


Shell, which until 1993 was the major oil producing company in Ogoni, was forced to leave the area following widespread protest spearheaded by MOSOP over alleged human and environmental rights abuses.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012 00:00 Kelvin Ebiri, Port Harcourt

HOPE for resumption of oil and gas exploration in Ogoni, has been rekindled by the new leadership of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP).

MOSOP Interim Chairman and Secretary, Professor Ben Naanen and Meshach Karanwi, said the new leadership would promote the sustainable and equitable exploration of the natural resources of Ogoni for the benefit of Ogoni people. read more

Can Big Oil Repeat Its Big Year?

JANUARY 23, 2012


Even today, $1.67 trillion is a lot of money. That is the amount wiped off the combined market capitalization of the top 50 energy companies between the end of 2007 and the end of 2011. Breaking it down offers big clues on Big Oil’s prospects for 2012.

Every year, PFC Energy, a Washington, D.C.-based consultancy, ranks the top 50 listed energy companies in the world by market value. The latest, due Monday, has a surprise. The biggest gainers in 2011 were the dinosaurs of oil and gas: the supermajors. Their collective value increased by 8%, compared with a 7% decline for the PFC Energy 50 overall. It is only the second time they have led the field in the ranking’s 13-year history. read more

Shell puts extra €90m into Irish subsidiary

The Irish Times – Monday, January 23, 2012


OIL AND GAS multinational Shell has injected €90 million into its Irish subsidiary to deal with the spiralling costs of the Corrib gas field project.

Documents filed with the Companies’ Registration Office show that the global group has pumped the extra money into Shell Ireland.

The Irish company confirmed yesterday that the 5km onshore gas pipeline to bring gas from the offshore Corrib field to the market will not be complete until the second half of 2014.

The Corrib gas partners, Shell, Statoil and Canadian-owned Vermillion are now nine years behind the initial target to start generating revenues from the field. read more

Gazprom and Shell successfully developing cooperation

Royal Dutch Shell CEO Peter Voser (left) and Gazprom Chairman, Alexey Miller

Sunday, 22 Jan 2012

The Gazprom headquarters hosted a working meeting between Mr Alexey Miller Chairman of the Company Management Committee and Mr Peter Voser Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell.

The parties discussed the issues of bilateral cooperation as part of the Sakhalin II project.

They also addressed the joint efforts of Gazprom and Shell within the Protocol on Strategic Global Cooperation and highlighted the companies’ success in the global energy market. read more

Pensions anger as even profitable firms cut benefits

The Observer, Sunday 22 January 2012

When even successful companies such as Shell and Unilever are taking an axe to staff retirement packages, is the outlook bleak for everyone?

Unilever, the maker of everything from Pot Noodles to Dove soap, has infuriated its staff by cutting pension payouts – despite being highly profitable. Shell, another household name, has followed suit with plans to cut retirement incomes.

Unilever suffered a wave of strikes which started last week and will continue for the next five days. Much of the anger among employees at its factories and research units is focused on the company’s £6bn operating profit and the pay, bonus and pension top-ups awarded to chief executive Paul Polman. He pocketed £2.8m last year, of which £1.7m was a performance-related bonus. His pension was increased by a company donation of £352,000, according to the 2011 annual report. read more

Shell Oil Company dumped toxic chemicals into waterway for over 60 yrs

A Shell Oil Co. refinery dumped wastewater into the bayou for more than 60 years, lacing the mucky bottom with toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

DEQ says Bayou Trepagnier, one of state’s most polluted waterways, has been cleaned up

NORCO, La. — The state Department of Environmental Quality says one of Louisiana‘s most polluted waterways has been cleaned up. It’s Bayou Trepagnier (trep-AN’-yay) in Norco.

A Shell Oil Co. refinery dumped wastewater into the bayou for more than 60 years, lacing the mucky bottom with toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

The current owner, Motiva Enterprises LLC, agreed in 2008 to a $10 million cleanup plan.

DEQ says contaminated soil at the end nearest the refinery was removed as an 800-foot-wide “clean zone.” read more

Heart of darkness at Royal Dutch Shell

The “Rossport Five” were jailed at the specific request of the company, which had obtained compulsory purchase orders for the land in question – the first time in Irish history that such an order was granted to a private company. The five will remain in jail until they undertake not to obstruct the company. (SHELL)

The company stinks worldwide…

By John Donovan

This article focuses on an informative parliamentary debate about the Corrib Gas controversy held in the Houses of the Oireachtas, the national parliament of Ireland, on 6 October 2005. It does not appear to have been reported in any detail at the time.

Some very forthright comments were expressed about Shell.

The debate was held after the release from prison of the Rossport Five, activist landowners jailed at the specific behest of Shell. The activists held legitimate concerns on behalf of their families about health, safety, and environmental implications of the Shell led Corrib Gas Project. read more

Confirmation Corrib first gas date delayed until 2014

By John Donovan

The Irish Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Deputy Pat Rabbitte, has stated in response to a parliamentary question asking when product from the Corrib gas fields will be available to the consumer, that it is not possible to state a start date.

He went on to say that the construction of the onshore section of the pipeline, including the construction of a 5 km tunnel, will take about three years and “first gas cannot therefore reasonably be anticipated before 2014.” read more

Developers of Corrib gas pipeline warned over environmental breaches

SHELL EP Ireland has received a written warning from the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources over breaches of conditions regarding the construction of its pipeline at its Corrib gas site…

The Irish Times – Monday, January 16, 2012


SHELL EP Ireland has received a written warning from the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources over breaches of conditions regarding the construction of its pipeline at its Corrib gas site at Aughoose, northwest Mayo.

The letter, sent on December 22nd last, stated future incidents of non-compliance could result in the department calling for “the cessation of works until such time as compliance with the statutory permissions can be demonstrated”. read more

Shell toxic brands deadly to insects, crop pests AND humans

Note the admission that Shell employees at a drins’ production plant were used as guinea pigs in a related study of carcinogenic properties carried out by the Royal Dutch Group. What’s the betting that they knew nothing about what was going on?

By John Donovan

Shell pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides

The roll call of Shell toxic brands deadly to insects, crop pests and humans…

Aldrin; Aldrin Soil Pest Killer; Ant Doom; Bidrin; Coppicide; DDT; DDT Dust; Derris Dust; Dieldrin; Dieldrin Garden Pest Killer; Endrin; Heptachlor; Koto; Netelex; Phosdrin; Pillakiller; Proponex; Shell Liquid Derris; Shell Tomato-Set; Shell Weedkill for Lawns; Shelltox; Slug Doom; Slug Kill; Sulficide; Telodrin; Universal DNC Fruit Tree Wash; Vapona

The following extracts are from “A HISTORY OF ROYAL DUTCH SHELL” Volume 2: a four volume history authored by a team of four historiansassociated with Utrecht University who were commissioned (paid) by Shell to write a full-length history of the company from 1890 until 2007. For this purpose, the team were given unrestricted access to Royal Dutch Shell’s archives. read more

Bjorn Edlund and Royal Dutch Shell

By John Donovan

Late yesterday evening, I sent an email to Mr Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary and General Counsel Corporate, Royal Dutch Shell Plc and to the CEO of the company, Mr Peter Voser.

The email invited comment and correction in relation to a draft article focused on Bjorn Edlund (above right), who in February 2010 retired as Executive Vice President and Head of Group Communications at Royal Dutch Shell plc.

The draft article headline and content was critical in nature.

Under the circumstances, I also sent an email to Mr Edlund with the same invitation. He provided an initial response taking up the invitation and has now provided a substantive reply from his consultancy Bjorn Edlund Consulting. read more

Malaysian Judge told Shell that they should sue John Donovan in the UK

Dr Huong was buried in multiple injunctions arising from alleged defamatory postings on our website. Shell also attempted to have him committed to prison and was apparently keen that I should become a fellow prisoner, after they gave up trying to lure my father to Malaysia.

By John Donovan

In 2004, EIGHT companies within the Royal Dutch Shell Group collectively took legal action against Dr John Huong (above), a former Shell production geologist who blew the whistle on the reserves scandal and other nefarious activities carried out by Shell executives in breach of the much proclaimed Shell General Business Principles.

Dr Huong was buried in multiple injunctions arising from alleged defamatory postings on our website. Shell also attempted to have him committed to prison in Malaysia and was apparently keen that I should become a fellow prisoner, after they gave up trying to lure my father to Malaysia. read more

Shell, Tullow Oil to form exploration venture

Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:47am EST

* JV to focus on “transformational” plays in Atlantic

* Comes as big oil groups boost exploration spend

By Tom Bergin

LONDON, Jan 18 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell is teaming up with independent explorer Tullow Oil to explore for oil in the Atlantic, in a sign the biggest oil companies accept dramatic measures are needed to turn around their weak record on finding oil.

Tullow said on Wednesday the planned partnership would focus on making “transformational” discoveries in “underexplored frontier basins”. read more

Shell pays $25 million to settle royalty claims

WASHINGTON, Jan 17, 2012 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell has paid $25 million to the U.S. government to resolve claims that the company underpaid royalties on federal offshore oil and gas leases, the U.S. Interior Department said on Tuesday.

WASHINGTON, Jan 17, 2012 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell has paid $25 million to the U.S. government to resolve claims that the company underpaid royalties on federal offshore oil and gas leases, the U.S. Interior Department said on Tuesday.

The settlement applies to royalty-in-value and royalty-in-kind production from Shell deepwater leases in the Gulf of Mexico between 2000 and 2008.

Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue said audits of Shell’s leases had uncovered “various valuation issues”. read more

Fall out from Royal Dutch Shell flouting of discrimination ruling

During the meeting, the manager confirmed on behalf of Shell their intention not to comply with the ruling from the Equal Treatment Commission. The main reasons for the meeting/interrogation were to clarify:

1. Where did John Donovan get his information for the article?

3. Was there a security issue?

Above are extracts from this article by John Donovan

On 4 January, we revealed that Shell Global Solutions had decided “after careful consideration” to flout a ruling by the Dutch Commission for Equal Treatment, which confirmed discrimination by Shell against a part-time employee, Mr Alberto Gatti, regarding compensation relating to public holidays. read more

Shell to open business hubs on petrol forecourts

New initiative set to fuel start-up growth

16 January 2012 14:31 by Georgina-Kate Adams

British entrepreneurs may soon be able to switch off their car engines and start up a business, as mobile business lounges are set to appear on petrol forecourts across the country.

The purpose-built hubs, provided by oil giant Shell in tandem with serviced office group Regus,  will offer speedy internet connections, printing and photocopying machines and even courier delivery services – so technically an entrepreneur could start a business from one of the portals. read more

Shell, Petronas Sign Contracts For Two Malaysian Oil Projects

JANUARY 16, 2012

SINGAPORE (Dow Jones)–Oil major Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB.LN) said Monday it has signed two production-sharing contracts with Malaysia’s state-owned oil and gas company Petroliam Nasional Bhd. for enhanced oil recovery projects offshore Sarawak and Sabah.

The two companies had agreed in November to jointly develop the oil fields in Malaysia using enhanced oil recovery techniques, in a project that was valued at $12 billion, Petronas had said then.

The project is expected to help the Malaysian national explorer extract a greater portion of oil from its existing reserves and extend the life of its oil fields. read more

Damage still reverberating from Royal Dutch Shell reserves scandal

By John Donovan

The Guardian reports today that several hundred senior scientists employed by Shell at the Thornton Research Centre in Cheshire “will be scattered to other offices” in what is described as a more general retreat by Shell from the UK.

Shell staff, who are said to be “seething,” apparently believe the retreat from the UK is a consequence of the reserves scandal that came to light in 2004.

Shell executive directors including Group Chairman, Sir Phillip Watts (above right), were forced to resign. Basically Shell had repeatably filed false Form 20F returns to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission each year, inflating claimed proven hydrocarbon reserves. read more

Shell ends the ‘final salary era’

The news… was quietly posted on the Shell pensioners’ website just before Christmas… read more

Shell to shut its main UK research base and transfer its work overseas

Hundreds of scientists to be relocated as oil multinational aims to shift most research and development work to Germany by 2014…

Shell staff told the Guardian privately that they were “seething”…

Terry Macalister:, Sunday 15 January 2012 15.12 GMT

Shell, led by Peter Voser, is to close its technology centre in Thornton, Cheshire. Photograph: Guido Benschop/AFP/Getty Images

Shell is to shut its main UK research and development base and transfer the work overseas in a bitter blow to Britain’s knowledge economy.

Hundreds of senior scientists working at the centre at Thornton in Cheshire will be scattered to other offices in a move that follows the sale of the nearby Stanlow refinery and is seen by some as a more general retreat by Shell from the UK.

Shell Technology Centre Thornton has been the base for developing biofuels and more traditional fuels for customers that include the Ferrari Formula One racing team. read more

Shell Make Money promotion wrangle (Information from our archive)

My son John Donovan (centre), Chairman of Don Marketing, with two fellow DM directors John Chambers (left) and Roger Sotherton (right), at the launch of the UK Make Money promotion in 1983

Printed below is the background information relating to an article published by Forecourt Trader in January 1995.

By Alfred Donovan

Our High Court action in April 1994 against Shell UK Limited in respect of the Shell Make Money promotion, provides a clear example of bullying, double-dealing and deception by Shell in its dealings with our company, Don Marketing.

In June 1993, Andrew Lazenby, the Shell executive who masterminded the serial theft of intellectual property from companies disclosing proprietary information to Shell, raised the subject of Shell Make Money in conversation with us, as did his boss, David Watson. This was a promotion to which we held joint rights with Shell.
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Refiners, Union Leaders to Begin Contract Negotiations Next Week

By Barbara Powell – Jan 13, 2012 1:22 PM GMT

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) and leaders of the union representing workers at 69 U.S. oil refineries will begin negotiating a new three-year labor contract Jan. 17 to avoid a work stoppage that could disrupt plant operations.

The current contract between oil refiners and 30,000 members of the United Steel Workers expires Jan. 31. The last contract negotiations in January 2009 were settled after 12 days of talks that stalled as the union tried and failed to win safety improvements. read more

Shell’s Arctic Drilling Plan Clears Hurdle

By CLIFFORD KRAUSS: January 13, 2012

A Royal Dutch Shell vessel surveying for oil reserves in the Arctic in preparation for drilling. Photo: Shell Oil

Royal Dutch Shell has been on a six-year crusade to drill in Arctic waters off Alaska’s coast, and has spent about $4 billion on the effort so far without drilling a single well.

But the company took one more bureaucratic baby step forward this week toward drilling in the Chukchi Sea later this year. An appeals board of the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday rejected four challenges brought by Alaska Native entities and environmental groups like Earthjustice to block Clean Air Act permits covering airborne emissions from industrial operations. read more

Shell leader expects Arctic offshore drilling this year


Published Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shell Oil Co. expects to clear remaining regulatory hurdles and begin drilling later this year in the Chukchi Sea near Alaska, company President Marvin Odum said at a scientific conference on Thursday.

Shell received conditional federal approval last month to drill six exploratory wells in the Arctic offshore region but still must secure permits for individual wells.

Among the requirements for Shell to obtain those permits will be selling regulators on its plan for responding to spills or other accidents at the sites. read more

EPA board rejects appeal of Shell Arctic permit

By DAN JOLING, Associated Press 13 January 2012

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Royal Dutch Shell’s quest to drill exploratory wells in Arctic waters has received a boost with the affirmation that its federal air permits for the Chukchi Sea were properly granted.

The EPA Appeals Board on Thursday rejected challenges to the air permits brought by Alaska Native and conservation groups.

Shell Alaska spokesman Curtis Smith said in a formal announcement that the decision means Shell, for the first time, has usable air permits that will allow its drill ship, the Noble Discoverer, to work in the outer continental shelf off Alaska’s northwest coast in 2012. read more

Hostile website domain names

Shell in their sights …. Royal Dutch Shell online critics John and Alfred Donovan outside the Shell Centre in London October 2009. Photograph: Graham Turner for Guardian newspaper article

By John Donovan

An article published in the Financial Times on 12 January 2012 reported that the Blackstone Group has been using a brand protection firm MarkMonitor to quietly register “hostile web domain names in an attempt to head off online criticism…

The domain names registered predictably include read more