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Death threat from Shell supplier on Brazilian tribe’s land

Energy giant Shell’s joint venture partner, Cosan, is buying sugarcane grown on Guarani land. © João Ripper/Survival

A Brazilian rancher supplying sugarcane to a joint venture partner of energy giant Shell has reportedly issued a death threat against a political opponent.?? José Teixeira, who is also a state deputy, is said to have recently warned a political rival that, ‘If it were up to me, you’d be under the ground.’

Teixeira is renting out part of his ranch for sugarcane production, even though the Government has confirmed that the land belongs to Guarani Indians.

Shell and Brazilian ethanol company Cosan are now united in a $12 billion joint venture company called Raizen, to produce ethanol to sell as a biofuel. Cosan is buying sugarcane grown on Guarani land that Teixeira continues to occupy. Survival has urged Shell and Cosan to stop using sugarcane grown on the Guarani’s land, but the companies continue to use it. read more

Shell accused of supporting Syrian regime

Daily Mail

31 May 2011, 10:05am

Royal Dutch Shell has been accused of working ‘hand in glove’ with the government in Syria where hundreds of unarmed demonstrators have been killed during protests against the regime.

The firm chartered a tanker to export almost 600,000 barrels of the country’s oil worth $55m, according to campaign group Platform. Shell declined to comment.

Platform researcher Lorenzo Paluello said: ‘While the British and Syrian public believe that suppressing a mass democratic uprising with tanks is problematic, Shell continues to work hand in glove with the regime. read more

Shell must suspend operations in Syria

IKV Pax Christi believes that all cooperation with the regime in Syria is illegitimate and that Shell must suspend its operations immediately. In Syria it is impossible for Shell to ensure that it is not involved in human rights violations. Shell has no other option than to suspend all operations until violence against demonstrators has completely ended, says a statement issued by IKV Pax Christi.

Shell is a major player in the Syrian oil industry. Shell owns 20% of Syria’s largest oil producer Furat Petroleum Company, that sells all its oil to state-owned General Petroleum Company, that exports 39% of Syrian production and that largely supplies to the domestic market. The Syrian tanks shelling civilians are likely to run partly on fuel provided by Shell. The same goes for police cars and the vans of the security police that strike terror in the streets of Homs and Tall Kalakh. Shell has a license to operate from government and no more from Syrian society. read more

Shell accused over Syrian oil exports


By David Blair, Energy Correspondent

Published: May 29 2011 20:02

Royal Dutch Shell has been accused of working “hand in glove” with Syria’s regime after the energy company chartered a tanker to export almost 600,000 barrels of the country’s oil. A spokesperson for Shell declined to confirm or deny the vessel’s arrival in Syria, saying only that the company does not comment on “commercial information”.

Hundreds of people have been killed since popular protests against the regime began in March. The army has responded to the unrest by opening fire on unarmed demonstrators in the country’s largest cities.

By continuing its commercial relationship with Syria despite the bloodshed, critics say that Shell is complicit in Mr Assad’s repression. “Shell continues to work hand in glove with the regime. The people of Syria rise up for freedom, but this company has placed itself firmly on the side of corrupt dictators,” said Lorenzo Paluello, a researcher for Platform. read more


By Alfred Donovan

As a result of proceedings Shell International brought against me in May 2005 via The World Intellectual Property Organization, we carried out a financial investigation of the setting up of Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

We discovered from Companies House documents that the company is the offspring of an off-the-shelf company – FORTHDEAL LIMITED – a company of dubious antecedence.

In 2005, Shell management was so grossly incompetent that it forgot to obtain registration of the royaldutchshellplc top level domain name as part of the process of setting up the unified company: Royal Dutch Shell plc. read more


By: Keith Bourke – Extract from Western People article

SCORES of musical acts and performers are heading to the shores of Broadhaven Bay in north Mayo this June Bank Holiday weekend for an extraordinary three-day festival.

The ‘Party Against The Pipe’ will feature an eclectic mix of music, circus performance, art, children’s activities and free camping, celebrating a decade of resistance to the Corrib gas project.


Shell turns up heat in race to woo Russia

29 May 2011, 3:32pm

Shell has moved ahead of its rivals in a multi-billion pound race to partner Russia as it starts to exploit its vast oil riches in the Arctic.

Following BP’s failure to conclude a partnership deal with Rosneft, Shell has organised a series of further talks with the Kremlin-controlled company.

A meeting on Wednesday between Shell chief executive Peter Voser and deputy prime minister Igor Sechin has fuelled speculation that an alternative deal may be on the cards.
read more

Shell’s battle for the heart of Ireland home The Observer home

Ed Vulliamy: The Observer, Sunday 29 May 2011

This land is our land: pipeline protesters Willie and Mary Corduff at the quay at Rossport. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod for the Observer

If the sea is calm, you can hear the traffic in New York,” goes the local introduction to the breathtaking beauty of Erris, in the north of County Mayo, where the coastline winds its way through little coves and beneath the cliffs of the wild seaboard at Europe‘s edge. Most nights, though, Manhattan must be quiet, for the only audible sounds are the distant baying of a dog several miles away, the soft bleating of newborn lambs from lush coastal meadows and the sighing of the brine as it moves across rocks and shingle. read more

Shell’s Karoo-born man steers clear of shale gas rumpus

Sunday Times

May 29, 2011 3:08 AM | By ANTON FERREIRA

One of Colesberg’s most successful sons, who went from a sheep farm childhood to becoming vice president of a leading multinational, is trying to keep a low profile in the controversy over plans to look for shale gas in the Karoo.

That’s because the company De la Rey Venter works for in the Netherlands is Royal Dutch Shell, one of the companies that want to “frack” his former backyard.

Venter, a former head boy at Colesberg High School, has had a meteoric career since obtaining a BCom at the University of Johannesburg in 1997. He worked for Samancor, then BHP Billiton. In 2002 he joined Shell.

On a website advertising the school at which he obtained his MBA, Venter said he had chosen his career at Shell because he was “fascinated by the intrigues of geo-politics and by the global energy and environmental debates”. read more

Shell tried to lean on Time Magazine

By John Donovan

Our applications compelling Shell to supply us with Shell internal documents in which we are mentioned, has generated some very revealing information, especially in regards to Shell bullying and manipulating the news media.

We have previously published articles revealing Shell’s intent to “kill” a half-page story about this website that The Sunday Times was on the brink of publishing.

The story was killed.

In 2007 Shell lawyers and media specialists in the USA and Europe were frantic about thwarting our contact with Fox News. As is evident from repetitive fragmented Shell internal correspondence, Shell was panicked about the prospect of Bill O’Reilly taking up our suggestion of Americans boycotting Shell, because of its continued links with the fanatical Iranian regime.
read more

Shell says it’s looking at B.C. Coast for new LNG terminal

By GORDON HAMILTON, Vancouver Sun May 27, 2011

Shell says it’s looking at B.C. Coast for new LNG terminal.
Photograph by: Leon Neal, AFP/Getty Images

Shell Canada says it is investigating the potential for a new liquid natural gas terminal to be located on the B.C. coast.

Shell “is interested in, and currently exploring LNG opportunities along the B.C. coast,” Stephen Doolan, of Shell’s media relations department said in an email to The Sun.

“We are early in the evaluation process so do not have specific details but are pursuing opportunities,” he said. “Natural gas is a key area of growth for Shell. In terms of LNG, we will continue to invest in our global leadership position as demand continues to grow.” read more

Shell Faces NGO Pressure To Withdraw From Syria

MAY 27, 2011 2:12 P.M. ET


LONDON (Dow Jones)–Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB.LN) is coming under pressure in the Netherlands to withdraw from Syria because of the Syrian government’s violent reprisals against pro-democracy demonstrators.

Dutch non-governmental organization IKV Pax Christi is lobbying for Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB.LN) to cease all activities in Syria. The group’s director, Jan Gruiters, will meet with Shell Netherlands President Dick Benschop next month, after the group protested outside Shell headquarters in The Hague, the group’s spokesperson said Thursday. read more

Vladimir Putin ‘comfortable’ with Shell as Arctic partner for Rosneft

Russia’s powerful prime minister Vladimir Putin has given a vote of confidence in Royal Dutch Shell, saying he is “comfortable” with the company exploring the Arctic with state-controlled oil giant Rosneft.

The right to look for oil in the Arctic is a great prize for foreign companies as there is the potential for major discoveries in an area the size of the North Sea. Photo: REUTERS

Rowena Mason By Rowena Mason 8:43PM BST 27 May 2011

His comments come after the collapse of Rosneft’s £10bn share swap and Arctic exploration deal with BP, Shell’s nearest rival.

Mr Putin told the Russian state news agency: “We’ve been working with Shell for a long time. We’re comfortable with them.”

However, he showed that Russia is still keeping its options open by adding “our work with BP is not over yet”.

The BP-Rosneft alliance was frustrated when it emerged that an existing agreement between BP and four Russian billionaires prevents the British company from pursuing any other opportunities in the country. read more

Putin: Shell could work with Rosneft in Arctic

Associated Press, 05.27.11, 10:05 AM EDT

MOSCOW — Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says state-owned oil firm Rosneft could team up and swap shares with Royal Dutch Shell in an Arctic offshore deal similar to one with BP that fell through. read more

Royal Dutch Shell improper meddling in politics

From pages 41 & 42 of “Royal Dutch Shell and its sustainability troubles” – Background report to the Erratum of Shell’s Annual Report 2010

The report is made on behalf of Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands)
Author: Albert ten Kate: May 2011.

Interfering with politics

Improper involvement?

Oil and politics have a lot to do with each other. The home states of Royal Dutch Shell are the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. These countries might want to secure their oil/gas imports and the economic benefits of having an international oil company based within their territory. These interests might overpower ethical interests, such as the protection of human rights in countries hosting the oil company. Home states often might have the same business interest than “their” oil companies.

Oil companies may lobby their home states, so these will pay more attention to oil business possibilities. Oil companies may speak kindly of regimes that are in fact abusing human rights. Oil companies might keep their finger on the pulses of home as well as host states, in order to keep informed of the latest political developments. read more

Shell’s suppliers to reapply for work

Shell’s 70,000 suppliers have to re-register to work for the oil giant as it adopts an Achilles global management platform

Shell is shifting its supplier management onto a global basis Photo: AP

Richard Tyler By Richard Tyler 7:46PM BST 24 May 2011

Shell’s 70,000 suppliers will have to reapply to work for the oil giant as it shifts the management of its supply chain onto a global footing – thought to be the first such move of its kind.

Suppliers in more than 90 countries will be notified of the move from this July and the transition onto the new platform is expected to complete by the end of next year.

The plan is being driven by Shell’s desire for better “spending intelligence” as well as its need to monitor global compliance with health and safety and bribery legislation, according to Colin Maund, chief executive of Achilles, which is providing the software platform. read more

Germans attack BP, Shell for over-charging for petrol

Five big oil companies, including BP and Shell, are in trouble with the German regulator for over-charging drivers at petrol stations.

Petrol has become a contentious issue for households across Europe as prices at the pump have risen in line with the soaring oil price above $120 per barrel.

Rowena Mason By Rowena Mason 6:59PM BST 26 May 2011

The German cartel regulator accused BP, ExxonMobil, Shell, ConocoPhillips and Total of running an “oligopoly” with a stranglehold on 65pc of the market.

The findings, which were vigorously denied by the oil companies, could not come at a more sensitive time for motorists and fuel retailers.

Petrol has become a contentious issue for households across Europe as prices at the pump have risen in line with the soaring oil price above $120 per barrel.

Oil has since gone down by $10 a barrel this month, but this led to only a 0.5p drop in the average price of a litre of petrol in the UK – when the AA calculates the drop should be more like 4p. read more

Shell Nigeria Sees Improved Oil Output on Amnesty, Vanguard Says

By Elisha Bala-Gbogbo – May 26, 2011 9:11 AM GMT+0100

Nigeria’s oil output will boom if a government amnesty for fighters in the oil-producing Niger River Delta persists, Vanguard said, citing Mutiu Sunmonu, the managing director of Shell Petroleum Development Co. of Nigeria.

Shell now has access to offshore oilfields and facilities and can clean-up oil spills in areas which were previously inaccessible because of militant activities, the Lagos-based newspaper said.

To contact the reporter on this story: Elisha Bala-Gbogbo in Abuja at [email protected]. read more

Royal Dutch Shell in Rosneft Arctic talks

Royal Dutch Shell has begun talks with Rosneft on “potential exploration” in the Arctic – the week after BP’s flagship deal with the Russian state oil company collapsed.

BP and Rosneft announced a £10bn share swap and Arctic exploration deal at a high-profile ceremony flanked by politicians and dignitaries in January this year. Photo: ALAMY

Rowena Mason By Rowena Mason 6:46PM BST 25 May 2011

Peter Voser, the chief executive of Shell, was last night in Moscow for meetings with Russian deputy prime minister Igor Sechin, intensifying speculation that Rosneft is prepared to replace BP with another company.

The Russian government said the meeting focused on Shell’s current projects off Sakhalin Island, which may be extended, and the potential development of Arctic oil fields held by Rosneft.

Eduard Khudainatov Rosneft’s chief executive, was also present at the talks, placing Shell in pole position among analysts to become the Kremlin’s new foreign oil partner. read more

Russia, Shell Discuss Arctic Shelf, Sakhalin-3

May 25, 2011 12:40 P.M. ET

MOSCOW (Dow Jones)–Royal Dutch Shell PLC’s (RDSB) Chief Executive Peter Voser met Russia’s top energy official Wednesday to discuss joint projects on Russia’s Arctic shelf, the Black Sea and Sakhalin-3, but said the company won’t seek to swap shares with state oil champion OAO Rosneft (ROSN.RS).

The meeting between Voser and Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who oversees the oil and gas sector, came two days after Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko said he doesn’t expect state-controlled oil giant OAO Rosneft (ROSN.RS) and BP PLC (BP) to revive their strategic alliance after it was blocked by BP’s existing Russian partners, a group of Soviet-born billionaires known as AAR. read more

Group bars access to Shell sour gas site; says grizzly bears will be affected

By: The Canadian Press Posted: 05/24/2011 9:54 PM

PINCHER CREEK, Alta. – A small group has blocked access to a sour gas well site in southwestern Alberta.

The province’s Energy Resources Conservation Board approved the Shell project in March and drilling was supposed to start last week in the Castle wilderness area just north of Waterton National Park.

Residents appealed the decision, saying drilling will disrupt core grizzly bear habitat.

Opponents say Shell (TSX:SHC) should wait for the Alberta Court of Appeal to rule on an appeal of the board’s approval before it starts drilling. read more

Shell shuts Caspian office, $50bn Kashagan project on ice

Royal Dutch Shell will shut its Caspian office for the giant Kashagan oil field at the end of this month, effectively putting the crucial £30bn ($50bn) project on ice for at least two years.

Staff at Shell Development Kashagan in Atyrau have been laid off or relocated and the office closes on May 30. Photo: ALAMY

Richard Orange By Richard Orange, in Aktau 3:32PM BST 24 May 2011

The move followed the Kazakh government’s decision to reject a new lower-cost design for the crucial main development phase of the oilfield which has the potential to produce more than 1m barrels a day.

Staff at Shell Development Kashagan in Atyrau, a port on Kazakhstan’s Caspian coast, have been laid off or relocated over the past few weeks, and on May 30, the office will be closed.

The move follows a warning from Karim Massimov, Kazakhstan’s prime minister, that the project would not go ahead unless the disagreements on cost were overcome. read more

Shell considers joining legal fight over Gulf drill ban

By Eduard Gismatullin
Bloomberg News May 24, 2011

Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Europe’s largest oil company, is examining plans to bring legal challenges over possible losses after last year’s Macondo oil spill, the worst in U.S. history.

“I am considering, but only considering,” Peter Rees, a legal director at Shell, said today at an International Bar Association’s webcast. “Before launching any form of action or deciding not to launch any form of action you need to gather as much information as you can.” read more

MPs urge backing for UK shale gas

By Roger Harrabin Environment analyst, BBC News

Gas is a natural by-product of shale rock

A Commons committee has urged ministers to support plans for controversial shale gas drilling in the UK.

The energy select committee said environmental problems associated with it in the US could be overcome by tight regulation and good industry practice.

But the MPs said the UK government would need to be vigilant to ensure the technology did not pollute water or produce excessive greenhouse emissions.

Environmentalists said MPs should have called for a moratorium on shale gas. read more

Facing Up to End of ‘Easy Oil’

May 24, 2011


WAFRA, Kuwait—The Arabian Peninsula has fueled the global economy with oil for five decades. How long it can continue to do so hinges on projects like one unfolding here in the desert sands along the Saudi Arabia-Kuwait border.

Saudi Arabia became the world’s top oil producer by tapping its vast reserves of easy-to-drill, high-quality light oil. But as demand for energy grows and fields of “easy oil” around the world start to dry up, the Saudis are turning to a much tougher source: the billions of barrels of heavy oil trapped beneath the desert. read more

Royal Dutch Shell Denial of Brazilian pesticide diseases

From pages 17, 18 & 19 of “Royal Dutch Shell and its sustainability troubles” – Background report to the Erratum of Shell’s Annual Report 2010

The report is made on behalf of Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands)
Author: Albert ten Kate: May 2011.

A Shell pesticide factory

For a decade or more, beginning in 1977, Shell produced organochlorine pesticides (aldrin, dieldrin, endrin etc.) and other pesticides at a plant located near Pauli?nia, about 125 kilometres north-west of Sa?o Paulo, Brazil. The plant covered approximately 40 hectares.78 Due to its severe health impacts, by 1990 the use of aldrin and dieldrin was totally banned in the USA and Brazil.

After negotiations starting in 1993, in 1995 Shell sold the Pauli?nia facility to the companies American Cyanimid and BASF. A sales condition was that Shell would assume legal responsibility for the pollution at the site. In 2000, BASF took full ownership of the facility.79 In 2002, BASF shut it down the facility after a ban by the Brazilian Ministry of Labour, in view of existing contamination and serious risks to human health. read more

Shell slammed for ‘serious’ safety slips

Anglo-Dutch supermajor Shell has been hit with a safety order from the Norwegian authorities following an investigation into a well incident on the Draugen platform in December last year.

Aleya Begum 23 May 2011 11:44 GMT

The Petroleum Safety Authority said today its investigation of the incident identified several serious breaches of the regulations.

“The non-conformities are related to inadequate management, inadequate risk assessment, inadequate well barriers, inadequate well barrier sketches, inadequate well control, and inadequate daily reporting of drilling and well activities,” said the PSA.

The incident occurred during a wireline operation to replace a gas lift valve in well 6407/9-A-01. The operation resulted in the subsurface safety valve becoming stuck in the Xmas tree, blocking the upper mast valve, and leaving only one barrier against a potential leak. read more

Fond memories of Mr Justice Eady, the privacy law judge

By John Donovan

Mr Justice Eady is the High Court Judge accused of being responsible for “bringing in a privacy law by the back door with a series of “arrogant and amoral” judgments…

Personally, I have fond memories of Mr Justice Eady. Royal Dutch Shell may take a different view.

On 18th April 1998 I was surprised to learn from Rachel Oldroyd, a reporter from the “Financial Mail On Sunday”, that Shell had issued a press statement that clearly inferred that previous claims I had brought against the oil giant were bogus, thus repeating a libel of March 1995 , which Shell had already settled at some considerable cost to Shell shareholders. read more

Norway Raps Shell for Risking Oil Leak

May 23, 2011 8:52 A.M. ET


LONDON—Royal Dutch Shell PLC has been rapped by Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority for a maintenance error on an oil well that had “major accident potential” and risked an oil leak.

The incident occurred Dec. 4, 2010 on Norway’s Draugen field, which produces around 50,000 barrels of oil a day, the PSA said on its website Monday. An operation to replace a subsurface gas valve went wrong, the device became stuck inside and blocked the operation of another piece of machinery called a Christmas Tree, which sits atop the wellhead, it said. read more

Shell slammed on safety

upstreamonline: In-depth revision ordered at Brent Charlie following major gas leaks

The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has taken the rare step of ordering a thorough safety review at Shell’s Brent Charlie platform following two major gas leaks.

ROB WATTS London  06 May 2011 01:53 GMT

The HSE has told Shell to submit a revised safety case for the Brent Charlie platform after gas was detected on its topsides following leaks on 12 January this year and 27 September 2010, Upstream can reveal.

Shell, which took the decision itself to close the platform after the January incident, has been battling for some time to resolve technically complex issues related to the venting of gas from inside one the platform’s huge concrete legs — Column 1 (C1) — and dispersing it effectively away from the platform. read more

WikiLeaks exposes Shell’s infiltration of Nigeria’s government

The recent WikiLeaks revelations have exposed the high level of influence, infiltration and intelligence-gathering that global oil companies have in resource-rich nations in Africa, specifically Shell’s role in Nigeria. Shell gained information on all aspects of Nigeria’s oil business.

Leaked US diplomatic cables from last year, carried by a number of international newspapers and magazines, show that Royal Dutch Shell – among the major oil producers in Nigeria – have infiltrated key Nigerian ministries and have been using links to US officials to gain information on rival oil companies in the country, and the movements and objectives of militants in the Niger Delta region.

Shell’s level of penetration into the governmental structure of Nigeria – one of the world’s largest oil exporters – have given the company access to politicians and decision-makers at the highest level, providing it with insider knowledge of all movements and negotiations within those ministries. read more

Shell ‘co-opting’ Nigerian militants

By John Donovan

In June 2009 we reported that a Shell Nigeria insider had disclosed to us that senior colleagues had a commercial relationship with militant leaders of gangs carrying out attacks on Shell employees, pipelines and installations. We established that the source was authentic. Indeed, to our surprise we discovered that The Financial Times had already confirmed the basics of our source’s allegations (see “Shell gives Nigerian work to Militant companies”).

There were two possible interpretations. read more

Shell eyes up deep-sea resources with world’s first floating natural gas rig home

Gas giant eschews Arctic oil rush to moor 500-metre, 600,000-tonne construction off Australian coast

Fiona Harvey: Friday 20 May 2011 16.29 BST


Shell unveils its plans for a vast offshore gas facility

The world’s first floating natural gas platform is to be built by Royal Dutch Shell, opening up vast new areas of the deep seabed for gas exploration.

The massive platform, nearly half a kilometre long, will be the biggest floating offshore drilling structure in the world, weighing in at about 600,000 tonnes – equivalent to six aircraft carriers – and staffed by 110 people at a time. Five times more steel will be used in its construction than went into the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Shell would not say how much it is expected to cost, but the total cost of exploiting the company’s Australian off-shore oil fields, where it will be used, is likely to exceed $30bn. read more

Shell’s Brinded Says New Gas Platform Is `Game Changer’


May 20 (Bloomberg) — Malcolm Brinded, executive director of production at Royal Dutch Shell Plc, talks about the company’s planned Prelude natural-gas processing platform off northwest Australia. He speaks from Perth with Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Bloomberg)

Permits for Arctic drilling to take time-Shell CEO

Fri May 20, 2011

INTERLAKEN, Switzerland May 20 (Reuters) – Oil major Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L: Quote) expects the approval process for an exploratory drilling programme for Arctic waters off Alaska to take some time, Chief Executive Peter Voser said on Friday.

“We plan to drill up to 10 wells in 2012 and 2013. We are in the process for applying for the so-called permits, but this is going to take some time,” Voser said on the sidelines of the Swiss Economic Forum in Interlaken, Switzerland. read more

Shell Nigeria divestment plan hit by scandal

Friday, 20 May 2011 00:00 Olusola Belo

Shell’s plan to divest from its OML 40 has been engulfed in a scandal after it emerged that one of the prospective buyers of the oil lease, Vertex has petitioned the Petroleum minister, alleging irregularities in the sale process.

The company is alleging a complete lack of transparency by the Anglo Dutch oil giant which may have side tracked its own laid down procedure.

In the letter to the minister titled, “Urgent request for ministerial intervention – OML 40 divestment,” Vertex said, “the structure of the current divestment was hinged on a firm and final bid. However, the process was switched into selective auction in which some bidders were unaware of the changing rules. read more

Shell Approves Floating LNG Project

May 20, 2011


SYDNEY—Royal Dutch Shell PLC on Friday approved construction of a giant vessel designed to chill natural gas for export at sea, allowing it to unlock gas deposits stranded hundreds of miles from land.

Similar vessels are being considered for several projects in deep water around the world where piping gas back to land to be liquefied would be too costly. Shell’s final investment approval for its Prelude floating liquefied natural gas development marks the first time that construction of such a vessel has been approved anywhere. read more

Shell’s U.S. Shale Gas May Be Refined Into Diesel, Jet Fuel

By Eduard Gismatullin – May 19, 2011 2:37 PM GMT+0100

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA), Europe’s largest oil company, said a $19 billion investment in Qatar may prove that abundant natural gas coaxed from shale rocks across the U.S. could be converted into diesel and jet fuel.

Shell, which is completing the world’s largest gas-to- liquids plant in Qatar, could use the technology on a smaller scale in the U.S. if capital costs can be reduced, Marvin Odum, head of Shell in the Americas, said in an interview in London. The technology uses catalysts to turn natural gas into jet fuel, diesel and other liquids. read more

Shell and activists accuse each other of delaying oil case

Published on : 19 May 2011 – 4:46pm | By Hélène Michaud

Royal Dutch Shell and Dutch environmentalists accused each other of using delaying tactics in a potentially ground-breaking court case on Thursday in the Hague.

The oil giant is being sued at home by the Dutch branch of Friends of the Earth for oil leaks that polluted farmers’ fields and fishing ponds in Nigeria, and for failing to clean up the contamination.

Shell says that the leaks were caused by sabotage and that it is therefore not responsible for the damage caused to the environment. read more

Shell’s U.S. Shale Gas May Be Refined Into Diesel, Jet Fuel

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19 (Bloomberg) — Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Europe’s largest oil company, said a $19 billion investment in Qatar may prove that abundant natural gas coaxed from shale rocks across the U.S. could be converted into diesel and jet fuel.

Shell, which is completing the world’s largest gas-to- liquids plant in Qatar, could use the technology on a smaller scale in the U.S. if capital costs can be reduced, Marvin Odum, head of Shell in the Americas, said in an interview in London. The technology uses catalysts to turn natural gas into jet fuel, diesel and other liquids. read more

Royal Dutch Shell financed Hitler

By John Donovan

Today we publish further confirmation of Shell’s financing of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Extract from a review of “Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order” by F. WILLIAM ENGDAHL

“Later, the consequences from Baron Kurt von Schroeder’s January 4, 1932 meeting would have to be faced after he, Heinrich von Papen and Hitler secretly arranged a Nazi takeover. A year later, another meeting followed preparatory to acting. The Weimar government was weak, the scheme was to topple it, and it made Hitler Reichschancellor on January 30, 1933. On August 2, 1934 he seized absolute power as Fuhrer. British interests backed him, Royal Dutch Shell financed him, and the Bank of England “moved with indecent haste to reward” him with a vital line of credit. The rest, as they say, is history, and from it would emerge a new world order.” read more

Spoof 24 page section of Shell Annual Report published

Shell ‘apologises’ for worldwide damage in “erratum” to annual report

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, May 17, 2011: During the Shell annual general assembly (AGM) in The Hague, today, Friends of the Earth International presented an “erratum” [1] to Shell’s 2010 annual report. In this spoof “erratum”, which was distributed among shareholders, Shell ‘admits’ that it is “causing a lot of unwanted and unnecessary damage” in its global oil-gas- and biofuels operations. The company also states that Shell “has learnt from these mistakes” and pledges to take “full responsibility to prevent and mitigate costs for the environment and people affected by our operations”. read more

Nigerian farmer: Shell says we’ll soon smile in the Niger Delta

Published on : 18 May 2011 – 12:29pm | By Hélène Michaud

It is his very first visit to the Netherlands, home of the company that he says has destroyed his family’s investments: “Our fish ponds, our bakery, our land.” He wants them back.

The green parks, the urban infrastructure, trains that arrive on time: Eric Dooh is impressed at what he’s seen in the Hague, where he’s just attended Royal Dutch Shell plc’s Annual General Meeting . He says he came to inform the company’s shareholders about the ongoing level of devastation caused by oil spills in Goi, his community in the Niger delta. read more

Alberta guide claims Shell project threatens grizzly bear den on his land

Mike Judd, an outfitter in Beaver Mines, near Waterton Lakes National Park, is fighting the approval of a Shell Canada sour gas project. Judd, who guides hunt and dogsled tours, says there’s a den of grizzlies on his land that will be killed if the project goes ahead.

Photograph by: Dean Bicknell, Calgary Herald

A dogsledding tour guide is challenging a Shell Canada sour gas project near his Eastern Slopes home, arguing Alberta’s energy regulator failed to properly take into account the province’s dwindling number of grizzly bears before approving the project. read more

Ugheivwen Kingdom: 50 years of Shell exploitation and environmental destruction

Children carrying water near gas flares at Shell`s Obigbo oilfield, near Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

By Kenneth Mukoro

The Ugheivwen Kingdom has been a recipient of various peaceful awards but nothing can be shown for 50 Years of Oil Exploration and our environment has been destroyed

Shell company operating in the Ugheivwen Kingdom host to the Utorogu Gas plant and the Gas Plant Phase 2 and uncountable numbers of well head and flow stations is neglecting the people while destroying the land without any compensation. Shell has been operating in the kingdom for 50 years but nothing can be said of development or infrastructure. read more

BP’s Russian Defeat Brings Arctic Oil Trove Back in Play for Shell, Exxon

By Anna Shiryaevskaya and Kari Lundgren – May 18, 2011 12:00 AM GMT+0100

The collapse of BP Plc (BP/)’s alliance with Russia’s state-run oil company brings one of the world’s largest untapped drilling opportunities back onto the market.

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA), Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) and Chevron Corp. (CVX) are potential candidates should OAO Rosneft look for a new partner to explore the Kara Sea in Russia’s Arctic, a person with knowledge of the company’s plans said, declining to be named because the matter is private. Rosneft will start talks with replacements immediately, another person said yesterday. read more

Protestors blockade Corrib Natural Gas building

Corrib building blockaded as Shell AGM held in The Hague and London

Áine Ryan: 17 May 2011

AS ROYAL Dutch Shell holds its AGM in The Hague and London today (Tuesday),  protestors blockaded the Corrib Natural Gas building in Belmullet, to highlight the giant oil company’s huge profits.

The small group of Shell to Sea and Rossport Solidarity Camp protestors stopped workers from entering or exiting the building from about 7.30am.

A Shell spokeswoman confirmed there were company personnel already in the building and that some work continued.

The protestors were peacefully removed, without incident, shortly before noon, after a team of IRMS (Integrated Risk Management Services) security guards arrived. Earlier, retired Garda Supt Pat Doyle, now working for IRMS, had negotiated with the group. read more

Shell CEO: No Secret Of Interest In Russian Arctic

Tuesday May 17, 2011

LONDON -(Dow Jones)- Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA.LN) has made “no secret” of its interest in developing the hydrocarbon resources in the Russian Arctic, but its preference remains for investment on a project-by-project basis rather than buying stakes in local companies, Chief Executive Peter Voser said Tuesday.

“We are interested in exploring in Russia, and we have made no secret of that, ” said Voser, who was addressing shareholders at the firm’s annual general meeting. read more

‘The Pipe’ upcoming UK theatrical release

FROM RICHIE O DONNELL (Filmmaker): ‘The Pipe’ upcoming UK theatrical release

Documentary charting the battle between the tiny village of Rossport and the Oil Giant Shell is coming to UK screens.

Hi John,

I have a UK theatrical release coming up, see below. Would you be able to post something on your site and could you also say that we are looking for people to put on grassroots screenings, and our email is [email protected]. Thanks a million.

You can get back to me before you post it if you need any clarification etc. If you could post the trailer with the dates it would help too:
and our site has the screening details:
thanks a million, Richie (by the way have you seen it yet, send me your address and I’ll post you one) read more

Petronas, ConocoPhillips, Shell To Develop Kebabangan Gas Field

May 15, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR (Dow Jones)–A joint venture of Petroliam Nasional Bhd.’s upstream unit and units of ConocoPhillips (COP) and Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB.LN) will develop the Kebabangan gas field located offshore Sabah in East Malaysia, the company said Monday.

Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Co. is 40% owned by Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd., while ConocoPhillips Sabah Gas Ltd. and Shell Energy Asia Ltd. own 30% each.

The field is located in water depths of 100-400 meters and is included in the Kebabangan Cluster Production Sharing Contract. read more